Kevin Tyler King (b. November 27, 1994) is a friend of Adrian Yunevich, the author of The Other Side. He is an artist, an anime buff, and an online gamer. He gave Adrian the idea for the character of Taylor.

Personal lifeEdit

Kevin lives in Everett, Massachusetts with his girlfriend Maddie. He is the older child of Max and Sara King, and he is the older brother of Branden King. Branden got Kevin into an anime called One Piece when Kevin was 10, and he has watched it ever since. Kevin's art has an anime style because of his love for One Piece.

The Other Side Edit

Kevin is working on his own version of The Other Side, considerably different from Adrian Yunevich's. In Kevin's version, Charlie's name is Chris, Chris ends up killing Zorro by stabbing him with a stick, L. Agatha Whitney forms a short friendship with Chris, and when Taylor leaves the Other Side, she forms her own group called the Shadowlords. Their significance is unknown to Adrian. He has also added two extra characters: Tim the woodpecker and Cloudy the kitten.


Kevin has been described as boisterous, unpredictable, and immature by Adrian. He has been said to love Adele's song Chasing Pavements and hate Ingrid Michaelson's song Wonderful Unknown. He would also talk to Adrian about One Piece for hours on end if Adrian would let him.